Neighbourhood battery in new housing estate helps smooth out electricity network peaks  

Seventeen newly built houses in the Hooghkamer district of Voorhout have a battery-driven quick charger. This quick charger with a buffer battery, supplied by, also serves as a neighbourhood battery to buffer generated solar power.  This is a first for the Netherlands.The unveiling took place on Wednesday 17 November at 2 pm. The power is generated with a SOLARlROOF from EF-SOLAR. com. The version of the SOLARlROOF used here is the premium variant, aesthetically by far the most beautiful and safest integrated solar panel thanks to many patents.


The houses - a fantastic micro solution for the residents, developed and built by Van der Hulst Bouwbedrijf from Lisse in collaboration with EF CONCEPTS - generate more PV power than they use over the year, they have a guaranteed fixed total energy bill of 25 euros per month and are interconnected in a so-called smart grid.  This allows them to exchange energy with each other - with the help of monitoring and smart software. The surplus of generated power is traded on the energy market. The neighbourhood battery - which can charge and discharge - serves as a buffer and also as a fast charger.Two electric cars provided by Mercedes are part of the plan and provide extra battery capacity.  

From a macro perspective, the power of a smart neighbourhood, according to the developers, is that the buffering of solar energy in this way helps to level off peak loads in the electricity network.  These peaks are currently caused by a large imbalance in supply and demand and limited available grid capacity.An urgent problem in the Netherlands, but one that can be solved according to EF CONCEPTS. Smart energy management and buffering of energy is the way to do it. 

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