EF-CHARGE.com is about

The power of EF-CHARGE.com becomes manifest when energy supply and demand are not matched. 

This is where EF-CHARGE.com comes into play. Our fast chargers have a unique construction, as they are equipped with a buffer battery. This buffer battery makes sure that even with a small normal connection, fast charging up to 150Kw is possible. 

As an important side function, the charger can be made bi-directional. This means that, in addition to charging, energy can also be drawn from the buffer battery when the connected households or businesses suffer from peak loads. 

Two solutions in one, direct fast charging possible without investments in the infrastructure and because of the bi-directional implementation of the battery buffered fast charger no large investments are needed to solve peak voltages. 


If you need fast charging, but the electricity connection capacity you need is not available


If you need fast charging, but the electricity connections capacity you need are too expensive.


If you need fast charging, but the network you are connected to already has peak problems


If you need fast charging, but the existing network cannot handle the peak of fast charging.


If you want to store (solar) energy to use when you need it